The Idea

WELCOME to my website, unfortunately this website is still under construction. When completed perhaps late 2018 you will be able to read all about the build and most of all how it was done for 25% – 35% of the cost in my spare time. This however does exclude the cost of labour. I will also include money-saving tips and where to purchase tools and materials for any extension work. For now read on…..

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2017: Wood burning stove DIY installation
2016: Not much progress this year however, the RSJ, all screeding, and UFH heating completed, ready for installing the wood burning stove.
2015: I decided on a large open-plan kitchen, Read more Open Plan Kitchen


2014: I completely re-built the porch and done a garage conversion. This was like a mini extension. Click here to see more.



Nice house, nice drive, nice garden, why on earth is the kitchen so small??? The idea of extending was formed. Extend the kitchen outwards and build a new garage on the side of the house. then…Why not just extend the whole lot? On a tight budget of 25k this is what I planned to do. My first set of plans were based on a “L” shaped 3.3m outwards extension. I really wanted a “big” extension at 5m to the side and 4m to the back. This was restricted by the angle of the roof so a 4m extension was what I settled for in the end. The foot print of the existing house is approximately 95m2, the new extension is 98m2, more than double the foot print. Based on a rough calculation, the going rate £1000 + VAT, a contractor would charge 98k + VAT for something like this. houseplans-front-elevation
At the front of the house, a new wide garage on the left hand side, convert the old garage (very small) on the right to a gym. Extend the roof over to make a new porch.


At the rear the whole lot, from left to right, massive open-plan kitchen, extended lounge and a study behind the new garage. Always best get an architect in, someone with experience, for a project of this magnitude. Anyway was too much for me to re-learn AutoCAD and get grips with Sketch-up. So I drew up a rough sketch and the architect can up with these drawings.


Now for the costs so far to get the shell built, roof on & windows/doors in. Just under £14,000 ! That’s amazing for one person to do on his own with just 10 days of paid labour and some help from family on weekends. Note this does not include getting the concrete floors in.

Work Estimate Actual Time Taken
 Architect & planning submission  –  450  –
 Architect & building regs submission  –  450  –
 Building regulations Fee 587
Digger for Foundations 450 185 8hrs
Concrete Footings 3000 1370 4hrs
Trench Blocks/Concrete Blocks/Mortar 1500 542
Bricks/Concrete Blocks/Thermal Blocks (1st load) 3000 785
Soakaway/membrane/gravel/pipes 500 436 2 Days
Digger for clearing grounds 180 1 day
Grab wagon 160 1hr
Builders Skip 150
Hardcore (30 ton) 500 480
Pea shingle for soakaway (2 ton) 100 66
Lintels & 432 concrete blocks 785
Cavity insulation 150
Brick layer labour 1000 900 7 Full days
Roof timbers 2500 980 2 weeks
Roof tiles/Felt/UPVC Fascia boards/Guttering 2500 1430 1 week
Skylights (3) 630 1 day
Extra roof felt/tiles/gutters 220
UPVC Doors/Windows (supplied) 2000 2600 1-2 days
Garage Door 400 850 3 Hrs