Fascia Boards

Once all the plywood fascia boards were place it was time to fit the new capping boards ready for the guttering. One 5m length of board was very tricky to hold up and nail in place by one person so get some help if you can. I found best hammering a nail into the capping board to attach it temporally to the rafter at one end. This allowed me to align the other end and get it nailed in place


I attached a string line from one end of the ply fascia to the other end and run a piece of timber along the length and nailed using the capping nails at 750mm centres and 65mm from the bottom edge. I had previously nailed the nails in to make it easier.  I found its best to wiggle the nail around a bit before it gets half way through the UPVC face board. This stops a washer like nick in the fascia.


I did not nail the capping nails fully into to the rafters as I knew a few were out and they will hold pretty well in the ply wood. In between the nails towards the top I will be placing the gutter brackets with screws so one nail should be enough at 700mm centres. I calculated this by dividing the length of the 4m gutters by 5 brackets which gave 800mm centres. I went for 700mm for some reason! One mistake I made here was instead of using the 225mm facia boards as the roof supplier recommended me for the 175mm rafters, I would of gone for 175mm facia boards. This would of allowed me to cut the rafters underneath making attaching the facia board easier. Later I will be attaching pieces of timber so I could nail up the soft-fit underneath.


At this point I regret not leveling the rafters perfectly using a string line from one end to the other. At some places the facia was almost 20mm under the felt support trays. Keep in mind to leave a 5mm gap in between the facia boards to allow the joining peice to fit in.