Excellent website

Excellent website  


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20/12/2019 11:25 am  

What an excellent site and resource it is!

I'm about to start on my own extension next year and am going to go down the self build route. I do work in the industry as an architectural technician, so I do have some insight into construction and the regulations side of things, but I have never picked up a trowel in my life!

My current situation is that we want to have a £40k extension built at the side of the property but I have only £20k as a budget, so it looks like most of the work is going to be done by myself. Plus, were hopefully having our first child next year so I need to watch every penny and I'm not wanting to borrow extra money at this time.
I intend on going on a week long bricklaying course early next year to help me with the brick / blockwork side of things.

Can the owner of the website, please drop me an email it to:

I have a proposal for the website that may be of interest to you. 



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