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    Hi guys. I am constantly finding that plastering sand from several builders merchants have very little stones that scratch into the final render when smoothing over. It is impossible to get a perfect smooth finish to match some properties. One cusomter said you can get some smoothing paint. Has anyone ever found any in the UK?

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    I have heard of high-build paint that you trowel on like plaster however not really seen the finish., nor can find any supplier in the UK. I have too had this issue with my extension. After rubbing down it left very porous surface. The existing render on the house has been coated with a very tough 5mm white coloured render when the house was built. Perhaps it’s `silver sand’mixed with cement? I’m testing a small section with 3 coasts of smooth Sandex paint to see if it comes close. I will keep you posted.



    Just an update. Having no luck finding a suitable smooth over product I tested a small patch with a thin coat of floor grout and another patch with block paving silca sand mixed with cement.

    The block paving sand crubmled when applied however the grount went on perfectly like plaster on a 1mm coat. The surface was perfectly smooth however I rubbed off with a trowel any thick bits which left a poor finish. After a couple of hours drying I went over with a sponge sanding block. The results were excellent. After a few days a quick PVA watered down coat with Sandex paint done the trick.

    Only time will tell. Any problems I will have to fit a wire brush to a grinder and remove the coating and think again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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